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Liner notes:  On this her debut album, Shareefah has done a marvelous job of capturing the flavors of an

array of musical styles, from extravagant Latin rhythms to hip contemporary Jazz and celestial New Age tracks. There is purity about this music with it's sweet melodies and smooth arrangements. It's exciting, yet mellow and peaceful; an extremely pleasurable listening experience.

Don Carter, The Don Carter Jazz Ensemble 


Shareefah is a refreshing new artist whom other musicians appreciate. I love her ideas. She thinks and creates outside the box, so there are pleasant surprises in her compositions. She did an excellent job on the production as well. Her music moves and inspires me.

New Jersey's Hunter Hayes, Producer, Entertainer and Emmy Award Winning Songwriter 

Picture yourself in the Caribbean sipping on an umbrella drink, feeling the warm breeze against your skin, smelling beautiful flowers and watching the turquoise waters. You can experience these sensations through music when Shareefah C. Abdullah takes you on this kind of trip with her debut, self-released album. On A Musical Journey is an aptly-named title for this album, as it takes us on a journey into different landscapes and imaginative views with each note.

Francis Petruziello, 

Great it! "Remember How It Was” is a great track. It really incorporates a number of great musical techniques and explores a broad use of instrumentation. This would probably be one of my favourite tracks from the album. “Sassy Salsa” is an incredibly danceable track with a Latin Salsa groove. Nearly had me dancing on a few occasions…pleasure to listen to. “Baby Come Home” takes the fast groove from the previous tracks down to a slow dance groove which retains the quality of the artists work…makes real good listening. Try this album you’ll be surprised…how you may come to like it. For one thing this kind of music doesn’t usually appeal to me but Shareefah has certainly changed that.

Daniel A. Black, Review Team, Derry, Northern Ireland - Music Shopper 

Shareefah writes solo adult contemporary and New Age funky Jazz fusions that will delight the heart and mind alike. Her compositions are bouncy and light allowing the shiny elements of hip funk to perpetuate the mix, creating a unique flow.

J-Sin, Smother. Net 

An impressive first outing for this new talent. The collection of original works created a mood that carried me into a state of peaceful meditation.  A little creative lighting and it was midnight in Ibiza at some enchanting cafe. This makes a wonderful addition to my New Age/Cool Jazz collection.  I would be amiss if I didn't mention the outstanding craftsmanship in the production of this CD. Top of the line!

Joseph S. 


For an easy, kick-off-your-shoes, relax and unwind listening experience, this CD has it all, from the enchanting "Charlie's Butterflies" to the exotic "Midnight Dance in Ibiza" and other catchy tunes. Shareefah: On A Musical Journey will take you along on an ocean breeze of listening delight!

Nancy M. 

This is a very nice arrangement of songs. Shareefah has done a very good job of making her listeners lose themselves in her arrangements. Makes you feel as if you were on a pleasurable journey in your own living room.

Tonya J.

Wow! I just got this CD and it is great! Shareefah is an awesome talent who I'm looking forward to hearing more from. 


Shareefah's On A Musical Journey is a unique listening experience! "Remember How It Was", "Baby, Come Home!" and other well composed tunes are enjoyable music to soothe the soul!

Eileen G.

I loved the songs on On A Musical Journey, but Shareefah's new release Walking Through Taaj's Paradise has placed at the top of my favorites. All of her music is just so smooth. A glass of wine and chill sound.....I love it!!!! I can feel Shareefah's energy in her songs. This is also why she's one of my favorite jazz artists.

Tracy G.

I was given On A Musical Journey as a gift. I'm very impressed with Shareefah's sweet melodies and the instrumentation she used. I enjoy this CD so much that I am going to download it from Spotify so I can also listen while I'm in my car.

Dr. Larry, MD

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